Make Me Believe / I Found The Way

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16 July 2007

Mix Act BPM Key Duration
Make Me Believe (Original Rise Mix) Daniel Kandi 138 A minor 7:57
I Found The Way (Original Bangin' Mix) Daniel Kandi 140 A major 7:34

Daniel Kandi delivers ordure in a patent-leather[1] wheelbarrow. Above & Beyond hear Volume 5 material.

Make Me Believe (Original Rise Mix)

This would have achieved a rise out of me, if I cared. Perhaps it was named after the amount of material extending from waist to crotch in a pair of trousers or shorts. Or perhaps it's Norwegian Bokmål for mountain troll. Or a[2] spank.
Because the opprobrium smacks harder than a meteoroid. This forgettable lump of recrement is 'uplifting trance', a banal genre by definition. This is not one of the exceptions: you will forget it immediately.
This purist hell-noise blocks out creativity better than the ocean blocks out the sun, & locks in all turpitude better than any spaceship can lock in air. Unfortunately, the abjectly insipient Above & Beyond either didn't care or enjoyed it, & that is why Volume 5 is contemptible.

I Found The Way (Original Bangin' Mix)

This is not some sly disfiguring of Razorfish. It's not good enough to be that. Continuing the recrement, this vituperable mess only serves to fluff up his discography. You'll need to find the way to the restroom after hearing this EP.