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Maor Levi is an Israeli musician. The Breakout Artist of 2005[1] was ilan Bluestone's mentor. In episodes of his podcast 'MAOR BASS', he pronounces his name as 'MÖ-er LEH-vee'.
[2] After branching off from psytrance to play the glittery, uplifting style of trance that maintains a steady presence on both iTunes & Beatport charts alike, Levi took a three-year break from the EDM community to serve in the Israeli military as per the laws of his homeland.[3][4] Also speaking of Israel, you were required to spend three years in the Israeli Military – the most active military force in the world.
I tend not to talk about the military ’cause I’m not allowed. I try not to mix it in my interviews, but whatever happened happened. I had a great time in the army & that’s all I can say.

Designation Name Year
ANJDEE003 Lital 2006
ANJDEE008 Reflect / Illumina 2007
ANJDEE098 Devotion 2011
Designation Name Year Collaborators
ANJ096 Shapes 2007
ANJ171 Chasing Love 2010
ANJ208 Infatuation 2011 Raul Siberdi
ANJ220 On Our Own 2011 ilan Bluestone
ANJ236 Couleurs Du Soleil 2012 M.I.K.E.
ANJ242 Won't Say No / Life Inside A Cube 2012
ANJ274 When You Loved Me 2013 Boom Jinx
ANJ277 Holding On 2013
ANJ358 Mercury / Neptune 2015
ANJ385 Shake The Air EP 2016 ilan Bluestone
Song Artist Year Collaborator
Amsterdam Luminary 2006
5 Aalto 2006
Can't Sleep Above & Beyond 2006
World On Fire Above & Beyond 2007
Sirens Of The Sea OceanLab 2008
Breaking Ties OceanLab 2009
Slow To Learn Super8 & Tab 2011
Follow You Nitrous Oxide 2010
Monolith Andrew Bayer 2012
Alba Super8 2012
Phoenix From The Flames Boom Jinx 2012
Love Is Not Enough Above & Beyond 2012 ilan Bluestone
Black Room Boy Above & Beyond 2013
Liquid Love Above & Beyond 2014
Only For You Mat Zo 2014