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Totus teres atque rotundus.

Mat Zo was the seraph. His label, Mad Zoo, is a sublabel of Anjunabeats. He began in various labels such as Armada's Soundpiercing & Intuition labels (now defunct), Coldharbour, & Hospital records, among others. He used to repudiate & defy genre restrictions. He might[1] be a singulatarian.[2]
He was the first on Anjunabeats to be nominated for a Grammy, for his first album, Damage Control.

The three most popular videos on Anjunabeats channel are all his,[3] Rebound, Mozart, & The Sky.


Golden Age (2006-2013)

c 2006 began around drum 'n' bass & others. 2008 joined Anjunabeats. Released Damage Control in 2013.

(Straight To) Tin Age (2014-2016)

Mostly dnb. Fine whenever he tried to make funk, such as the angelic Get Down 2 Get Up. 2014 went off the air & released few things; all free on Soundcloud, & few tolerable. 2015 silent. Released Self Assemble in 2016. Apostatised EDM.[4]

Thallium Age, aka Mat Zo 3.0 (2017 onwards)


Name Year Label
Damage Control 2013 Anjunabeats
Self Assemble 2016 Mad Zoo
Designation EP Year Collaborator
ANJ117 Rush / Defined 2008
ANJ127 Lucky Strike / Synapse Dynamics 2009
ANJ140 Nuclear Fusion 2009
ANJ144 Default / Rush 2009 2009
ANJ149 24 Hours 2010
ANJ161 The Lost / The Found 2010
ANJ174 Near The End / Land Of The Free 2010
ANJ192 Back In Time / Millennia 2011
ANJ200 Rebound 2011 Arty
ANJ201 Superman 2011
ANJ211 Frequency Flyer 2011
ANJ222 Mozart 2011 Arty
ANJ226 The Bipolar EP 2012
ANJ241 The Sky 2012
ANJ281 Easy 2013 Porter Robinson
ANJ283 Pyramid Scheme 2013
ANJ292 Lucid Dreams 2013
ANJ299 Only For You 2014
Selected remixes from various labels
Song Act Year
In My Life Lustral 2007
Lifted Tritonal 2007
Be Free Amster Dyen 2007
Fairway Waterspark 2008
Fallen Tides Mark Pledger 2008
Fantasize Moonbeam 2008
Guanacaste Element One 2009
Dirty Girl Tyler Michaud 2009
Eclipse Activa 2009
Call Of Loneliness Reeves 2010
Electrified Tate 2011
Live Forever Lange 2010
Music Is For Rich People Soliquid 2010
Thing Called Love Above & Beyond 2011
Perfect Day (MRZO Remix) Super8 & Tab 2011
P.U.M.A. Sunny Lax 2011
Alive Empire Of The Sun 2013
Black Room Boy ('Above & Beyond' Club Mix) Above & Beyond 2013
Circle Of Life Carmen Twillie 2014