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The clashes drown themselves out.


16 January 2012

Mix Act Duration
Median (Original Mix) Keyworth 7:24
Median (Keyworth Remix) Keyworth 9:58

Median (Original Mix)

CK's sole OM should be his biggest regret. Most of this dust hole is his distinct electrorubber-band soundscape, but this isn't Australia. It's the barren wastes of Jupiter, but more suffocating. The tune itself is aerial, like sulfuric clouds, acid raining so often to remind you of Casey's talent. Spaced out, spaced far apart, & vacuous, this is a bad, boring trip. Reach for the stairs.

Median (Keyworth Remix)

Cognate with 'mediocre', 'Median' is not a good title for this. That would imply there are worse things. CK let us know with this intensified bile, even more obviously made by him than the OM. The tune is secerned & pumped just in case you missed it in Vol 9, & you probably did. It's dreamlike, but you forget most of your dreams anyway. Get ready to forget this high-powered clashtrash claptrap too.