Meet Me In Montauk

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Si sic omnes; although MMIM almost already does.


15 December 2008

Mix Act BPM Key Duration
Meet Me In Montauk (Original Mix) The Signalrunners 128 C minor 9:20
Meet Me In Montauk (Oliver Smith Remix) The Signalrunners 132 C minor 9:04

This is the most explosive funereal pyre. Bayer & Nimmo stocked & piled & stockpiled on a popovka all the tennessium, nitroglycerine, strontium for colour, & pentaerythritol tetranitrate[1] they could find & detonated it all against a pink, mammate[2] sunrise, available on a seven-screen cinema.[3]

Meet Me In Montauk (Original Mix)

Two whole years of immixture liquidated. Bayer then continued a protracted streak of seraphicity; Nimmo floundered & fell. From them came this shoo-in to Classics 1 & Volume 6.
Mollitudinous drops & circumgalactic immersion compose this eternally neanimorphic 'cinematic house' sui generis. The most is lachrymal simplisticness, though it is effectiveness. Supple climaxes & smooth traveling make this singular. The afterplay continues splashing the dolour.

Meet Me In Montauk (Oliver Smith Remix)

As though it weren't nectareously caistic enough, Smith translated it into orthodox trance. The experience of swimming through a lake of fluoroantimonic acid can be yours. That intravenous tempo gives most of the effect.