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Oh, I remember.


18 January 2011

Mix Act Duration
Memories (Original Mix) Michael Cassette 6:55
Memories (90's Piano Mix) Michael Cassette 8:00

From Temporarity to your brain.

Memories (Original Mix)

Imagine a rollercoaster with the wildest curves & spins, but at 5km/h. That's the experience of this neuronautical journey, challenging & deep, so slow, yet so intense. Memories build melting caramel dreams, & a romp through those is a swim through this: the ground is made of silken rocks drumming away, chimes bell away overhead in the hepatic-harlequin sky. At every turn, there's another neverending unlit corridor, equally confounding & numinous. Nubivagant marathons wind up in a lightless tunnel, at first horizontal, but sloping down... & down.
But it's too simple. Cue the other 90s.

Memories (90's Piano Mix)

Seven beats per minute faster, we're awake now- the darkness comes as a thick fog, not a fine mist. Fiercely swinging the ink right into your face, this slick hypnotic is almost too good to ensure memories.