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See also Kunnari.


20 July 2010

Mix Act
Mercy (Original Mix) Super8 & Tab
Mercy (7 Skies Remix) Super8 & Tab
Mercy (Andy Duguid Remix) Super8 & Tab

The two previous singles, Irufushi & BITNY were made by someone else, so I expect that this one was too.

Mercy (Original Mix)

Jan Burton sang some energising hoo-oo-oo-oos, but the real vocal boost comes from the aah-aahs. The instrumentals are fools' gold, seeming aurous, but really a myxoid illusion. Peccable would compliment this thorn in the spleen of Vol 8.

Mercy (7 Skies Remix)

Good thing they got Boldoni- we needed an exact copy of the OM with a useless percurrent, & an even uselesser 4 seconds of desultory piano. Grazie for nothing.

Mercy (Andy Duguid Remix)

Some believe that Mohammed flew around the moon in a chariot. Some believe that Noah & his family were the only people on Earth at one point. Some believe that the bartender is into them. & this Spaniard believed that he could distract us from his scativory with an earworm. Only one person here is right, & it isn't Reeves.