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6 April 2009

Mix Act BPM Key Duration
Metro (Original Mix) Jaytech 128 D major 7:17
Wannabe (Original Mix) Jaytech 127 D minor 7:30

Lucky seven. Partly leavened.

Metro (Original Mix)

This train is running on fumes. No need for Superman, it's already in burnt, broken pieces- Metro has Chernobyl in every beat. Metro is so flat, that it drags down AD 01 to a meander so fatally dreadful it replicates the sound of the Bolton Strid, corpses[1] & all. AD 01 is meant to provoke deep water, but not like this.

Wannabe (Original Mix)

From dismay-wreck to slaytech, Wannabe displays his demersal self. He doesn't want to be, his is: more variety than the Chelsea Flower Show blooms & booms in this rollercoaster of ups & downs, lefts & rights, forwards & backwards, delving & freewheeling, spinning & Free Willying around an ocean of funk.