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Left to right: Erkka, Matti.

Michael Cassette is a Finnish duo: Matti Heininen & Erkka Lempiainen. This duo is also Komytea. They have made one album, Temporarity, released in 2010. Michael Cassette are renowned for their retro style, which is akin to 80s melodic house.
James Grant[1] credits them with the first of the three most major 'seminal' moments in Anjunadeep: the release of their song 'Shadows Movement', which according to him 'was musically quite different to what we'd been doing previously', which consequently gained support from 'really influential DJs' & 'broadened… horizons'.

Album Discography
Album Year
Temporarity 2010
Designation Name Year
ANJDEE013 Zeppelin / David 2007
ANJDEE015 Shadows Movement / Fox & A Shooting Star 2007
ANJDEE024 Winter / Cyan Child 2008
ANJDEE042 Summer 2009
ANJDEE048 Magenta Sunset / Wateresque 2009
ANJDEE056 Kilimanjaro 2009
ANJDEE089 Ghost In The Machine 2010
ANJDEE093 Memories 2011
ANJDEE097 Through The Windows 2011
ANJDEE110 Crockett's Theme 2011
ANJDEE122 Pangaea 2011
Song Act Year
A Sort Of Homecoming Paul Keeley 2008
Come Home OceanLab 2009
Helsinki Scorchin' Super8 & Tab 2009
Miracle OceanLab 2009
Back To Mine Embliss 2011
Electrified Tate & Diamond feat. Nicolai 2012
Phoenix From The Flames Boom Jinx feat. Justine Suissa 2012