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22 December 2009

Mix Act BPM Key Duration
Milano (Original Mix) Boom Jinx & Jaytech 128 E minor 7:00
Milano (Ad Brown Remix) Boom Jinx & Jaytech 128 E minor 7:41

Milano (Original Mix)

After To The Six established 'cross-label' collabs, Milano came, & is also in Vol 7. Jaytech wasn't label-fluid yet, though BJ had already crossed over with Oliver Smith for Sunrise. This Italian m is uniquely styled towards minacity, & has one striking, psychedelic chord, which is unfortunately just part of the scenery dotting the soundscape, & not the main attraction.
It's all over by the second minute. Although the style is refreshing, the whole drab experience is more like the spikes of a thistle than its down.

Milano (Ad Brown Remix)

A better candidate for eternal fame is this, a real Caribbean kite[1] to Cayzer & Eide's mess. The electrotrash is darkened still, with a different effect resembling an air raid siren, & echoing to make it seem less real. Then drips the real reason we're here: a defiant, piceous, dystopia-scoring spectre that vanishes as soon as it appears. Still worth paying for.