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21 June 2008

Mix Act BPM Key Duration
Miracle (Above & Beyond Club Mix) OceanLab 138 B minor 8:21
Miracle (Michael Cassette Remix) OceanLab 126 D major 8:31
Miracle (Martin Roth Remix) OceanLab 132 D major 8:58
Miracle (Fletch Remix) OceanLab 129 B minor 8:50

You should never wait for millionaires to get political.

Miracle (Original Mix)

The refreshingly meaningful lyrics, such as "It's too easy to bow your head & pray", make a nice change from the only other topic found on AB, relationships. Like Green Line, this is subtle, & whereas that has no lyrics, this is closer to that than a protest song, since the instrumentals are paperlight, & the words are vague & unpurposeful. Although this is definitely not one of OceanLab's colossi, I can see why they thought it was too nice to leave off the album. Although I keep expecting to see someone about to comb their hair & then decide that they look fine already, it does make a utilitarian airfiller.
Situated on the thrilling side of chillout, Miracle is a deep lesson in thrillout. This song is a concept, & the second best third of it is the dark shifts, as seen at 2:47, spilling a bucket of ink over the light & carefree jaunt that is the base. The main cloudbeat contrasts with the harshly consequential lyrics, but mostly it just wastes my time. This is a surefire wet blanket, especially when SOTS has kalological miracles like On The Beach & Come Home. The best third of this single is the piano found in the climax, the most solidly passionate ingredient, a threat with a smile. This piano is a knife to the main tune's spork, deftly cutting a dainty ambience while spurring a heavy antithesis to the central conceit, beginning low, then falling, then ending up lower than where it started, unlike the sea levels. It really is remarkable that A&B chose their lightest tune for their only serious topic.

Miracle (Music Video)

Stock footage of skies, animals, & ice is a cheap way to cover up your filmic uncreativity. Instead of something interesting, like Tellurian idylls becoming Venusian hellscapes, or anything uneveryday, this is a montage of NatGeo b-roll that provokes nothing, except boredom.

Miracle (Above & Beyond Club Mix)

Without any connection to the OM, this stood a chance of being tolerable. & thanks to somebody's hard work, it remains a towering bastion of foudroyant sunlessness.
The vocals gel with this tune like a juicy ripe mango gels with a corpse that's been left out in the Chilean sun. Without any harmony to speak of, they are no more than the sum of their parts, a Cartesian malaise that's about a minute longer on Vol 6 than it is in SOTS Remixed. But forget the match made in Naraka, just take off your mind's clothes & bathe in the refulgent ink. Ink burns greener than the lyrics' message, & brighter than the flames from oil refineries burning up their oil that they can't or won't sell. The tune is simplistic & as resolute as the lyrics, since it's a constantly falling slope of Lovecraftian misery, a mirror image of the rising temperatures, but with more redwater rafting. Sanguination is the watchword of this immanently inksoaked nightcanticle. The laurels pile on as the piano alternates its way to Kur[1], a shadowy bleakscape of cheerlessness, moving downwards as the main tune does. The final black cherry on this Snicketian delight is the topping synth vigorously pulsing in the aftermath, stimulating more frantic, industrial pistoning. Such frenetic frequency is a slather of adrenaline gel upon the nerves.
There is not one photon of a connective spark between the OM & this. The vocals did nothing but freeze to death in the way, blocking out some of the Sun's light. Thankfully, whoever made this did well after severing the cherub from its false mother's womb, replacing the carefree airiness with a pardcore[2] vat of heartbreak tonic. Since A&B's CMs aren't reliably made by them, I will dedicate my deep & earnest salute to whoever really made this.

Miracle (Above & Beyond Club Mix) (Music Video)[3]

It's odd to have music videos for the OM ̃̃& one of its remixes, but that should be encouraged. Anyway, the unchanged shots of clouds & wetlands don't look any more creative in this either.

Miracle (Michael Cassette Remix)

The[4] "Flying Fins" (sic) graced us with a highly stylised conversion that did the best with what they could have (without ignoring the OM entirely, of course). M&E kept the substance identical, modifying only the style. Gone is the semiacoustic bareness. Say hello to the more appropriate 80s-fest, a frantic romp spilling energy throughout the frenzy.
Unlike the undelectable OM, which showed no stylistic vigour or strength at all, this mix spins it up by introducing bucking pauses in the retro beat. H&L experimented a little, such as their labyrinthine sidetrack before the climax, which shows they cared. The hectic flicking is a spissitudinous touch that really adds to the frolicking feel. Despite being easygoing, this is tinged with more distress than the OM throughout.
Like the OM, this is also laidback, & finds itself categorised as the styrofoam of the air, instead of the music that demands your investment and attention. However, this is a laudable type of fluff, that justifies its rambling with slightly a darker tone & small creative flairs. Although this, too, is a composition befitting a TV opening, Matti & Erkka's version is more bouncy & funky. In conclusion, not an individually fantastic track, but not something to regret if you accidentally buy this, either. Don't we all need fluff? Well this is top-shelf fluff.

Miracle (Martin Roth Remix)

It was inconsiderate of A&B to make their only protest song inordinately laidback. But it was downright irresponsible of them to let Roth have a go at it.
Mistakenly added as a bonus track to the remix LP, this "Nu-Style" remix was also mistakenly made. This is just MC's mix sped up. I haven't seen two remixes sound so identical since Blue Sky Action. Or Callista. Or Stick By This Remixed.
Despite calling Michael Cassette's interchangeable mix 'top-shelf fluff', I was much kinder to them, since they have done much better, even though that was shockingly disappointing for them. This, per contra, is high art compared to Roth's usual, & it would be years until he proved himself as a legitimate artist.
This is less 80s, but no less jaunty. I certainly don't need two of these. Throw it away.

Miracle (Fletch Remix)

A fletch is a vane toward the back of an arrow, used to stabilise the arrow during flight. & this sailed well under Henrik Nielsen.[5] Excelling in style & depth, 'fuente' is the right name for him, since this is indeed a dish.[6] This should have been the Volume 6 closer instead of the CM.
I said that the last two were 80s, but this one outshines those into the ground. This diaphanous delight is the essence of the best of the 80s, the best of the 70s infused with electricality. Combining Drs Frankenstein & Einstein, the vocals finally aren't a craniocruciating tritemare, but a diadem of byssoliths wrapped around the swirling molasses of the Charybdian sea that Fuente weaved for us. Roborant funk rarely resplends this concordantly. The vocals are chopped, diced, minced & sprinkled numinally. This Balearic water with Argentine winds sails true with Nielsen at the helm, combining newly dulcet vocals with railstrom grooves & a sunstarved bass that flies so deeply under the radar, we need sonar to feel it. This bass is too quiet, but it reflects the thesis well, starting off low & stiffly falling. Fletch must return.