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29 December 2009

Mix Act BPM Key Duration
Misgrey (Original Mix) Sunny Lax 134 G# minor 7:20
Misgrey (Adam Nickey Remix) Sunny Lax 137 G# minor 8:00

Being named after the colour of boredom, paired with the prefix for 'bad', you might assume it is.

Misgrey (Original Mix)

Semperjuvenescence is a mark of genius, & I'm not even talking about style- it's the versicolour scheme that sets Misgrey apart from the rest of Vol 7. Marton does the sudden drop from his 'Chunky' mix of Wanderlust, & it's nectarous again. 1:26 to 1:54 is a taste; the effect at the end of it is eyecatching, if it were.
An odd atmosphere is cast when vaticinating the tune, solidifying portentousness. The noir tune rapidly fires; classic Levente. This series of fortunate portents breaks forth; hail stormwinds; Misgrey encompasses all- even a lygophiliac violin erupts during the last bars of tune. MG was well fit for envoluming.

Misgrey (Adam Nickey Remix)

All of which was lost on the culm-minded nickey. This remix has nothing to do with the OM- it is merely computer-generated stock #001. There is more, & deeper anguish & sorrow in an episode of Teletubbies. Stay away from cusical instruments, Nickey. It benefits less people than cobras.