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31 August 2010

Mix Act
Mnenosyne (Original Mix) Stephen J Kroos
Distentio (Original Mix) Stephen J Kroos
Polygon (Original Mix) Stephen J Kroos
Paradox (Original Mix) Stephen J Kroos

A misadvantage of being Kroos is that he can put out another album every month.

Mnenosyne (Original Mix)

Three years spent away. He made up for it with four more AD EPs, this first of which featured in no annuals.
But Mnenosyne could have. From 'Mnemosyne', the Grecian personification of thought, intellect & memory, Mnenosyne is one where Kroos used his. His usual obliqueness makes sense, now that his neotropical asomatism, as seen well done in Tecktonick, returns to obvert, subvert, evert, invert, & provert Oz itself. His deep tech, although not operose, is the perfect track for the hadal zone. The upside down Chomolungma chromophones with a second alating pulsing alongside, Nanga Parbat-sized drops, & zenithal Kroos. When he was temerarious, he scored.

Distentio (Original Mix)

Distentio is his more usual fare: Latin for 'spasm', 'distortion', & 'distension', this is deep tech iB without the tune. Nothing more than a catchy semitune with a sharp drop-off toward the sea bed, as a dead hagfish would.

Polygon (Original Mix)

But it's downright sperate compared to this self-invective teratoma. Invendible to the brain, this fecaloma is toughly delible from the 'a'.

Paradox (Original Mix)

Apt title. Despite having less tunefulness than a capuchin, Paradox is one of Kroos' best artery-shakers. The claim of 'energy' is proven with spheric semidrops shocking us into a platinoid dimension.