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17 June 2002

Title Act Duration
Mobetta Aspekt 7:59
Something Else Aspekt 7:42

From the German or Norwegian aspect, aka Smith & Pledger, the first Anjunabeats release not from Above & Beyond was made entirely by Oliver Smith.[1]

A hero's hero.


Mobetta is the nickname of Maurice Brown[2], a Grammy award-winning jazz composer, trumpeter, & producer. With Oliver Smith's own love[3]of jazz[4], it is no surprise that he should honour one of his idols. His respect & awe is proven by the smoothed-out psychedelia that is Mobetta. This duality of the atmospheric angelicity & the acoustic chords takes more breath than an ultramarathon. Even ran 631 kilometers? Feel Mobetta to taste the exhilaration.
Unremixed, this postludes even more chillingly.

Something Else

Something Else merits that worthless, 0-second title: more than just a joke, this sounds like an unintentional, unfunny, unoriginal joke. What is Something Else? A waste of time. Nothing happens at all in this excremental void.