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13 August 2012

Mix Act Duration
Monolith (Original Mix) Andrew Bayer 8:58
Polylith (Original Mix) Andrew Bayer 7:08
Monolith (Club Edit) Andrew Bayer 8:03
Monolith (Maor Levi Remix) Andrew Bayer 7:54

Monolith (Original Mix)

Monolithism should be extirpated universally, & Monolith is a shining example of its dull corruption. This is the third & last single from It's Artificial, & it came out nearly a year after From The Earth, & after two more songs. It was not worth singling out, let alone the massive wait.
The OM is an obnoxious waste of nine minutes. The length alone is not pretentious: it is used to bore, but at least mosquitoes have malaria. Bayer has his own crepitude to display. It is exheartening to go from aurum to santorum. The wiggling basslet only whines without accomplishing a new way, the worst attempt at an earworm of 2012. Wiggling like a worm trying to get into a liver, Monolith eventually drops the Polylith'-like electrowire for an empty facade of sombre, contemplative spacepiano. As in spaced out. The whole planarian is given space. Don't give it any.

Monolith (Club Edit)

It seems he enjoys taking wood to the forest, & garbage to parliaments. The wait was long, & they used that time to copy & paste, an intensive, arduous process. As with In & Out Of Phase, this CE is the OM shaved, with its EM unfindable. Though, why would you want to. Then again, it might not exist, which would help me to sleep.

Monolith (Maor Levi Remix)

Why? & how? I can't even say that he did the best with what he could, since the tune is unchanged. This is a blandly entertaining type of regredience, though it's as devoid as the OM. Nicely, the climax is not only naturally long, but mildly ignescent too. This was the last of his coldstep, as seen in Lital & other early works. It's mixed in with his later atombass, but even that can't energise enough to distract from the dull heartlessness.

Polylith (Original Mix)

Andrew Betrayer reused his electrofunk swirl from his remix of Secret. At least that has a tune, with praiseworthy obnovation. Polylith is him dredging up a three-year old impressivity to repurpose as a new song, despite not being able to be. When Mat Zo used His Rebound wondertrash three other times, He changed it enough so that not only was it different & surprising, but it was paired with a paleoseismic tune each time. However, one of those times was execracy, & another was not under His name. Polylith is an unforgivable failure of deception & music. Hacks & undermatch.