Moon Dust

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5 January 2010

Mix Act BPM Key Duration
Moon Dust (Original Mix) Nitrous Oxide & Adam Nickey 136 B minor 8:22
Moon Dust (Dave Schiemann Remix) Nitrous Oxide & Adam Nickey 133 A major 6:12

Actual moon dust penetrates space suits & skin, & collects in your joints. This is more penetrating.

Moon Dust (Original Mix)

This regal regolith is as unforgiving as it is ensorcelled. The bassline invades harder than Genghis, before faltering, to spark a sparkling piano, which flutters along benignly, until a tune deadlier than curium & radium flares up, & fuses with the now acerbic piano. The climax begins more revolutionarily than Copernicus ended, federating unrepentant bassline with the skotomorphogenetic tune, before the one thing Nickey might have done, a rippling, rainbow aurora, squiggles into extancy; all thermosphered by the Poland-like reanimation of the piano. Moon dust isn't quicksand, but this is.

Adam Nickey's penultimate release might as well be his greatest, for whatever reason.

Moon Dust (Dave Schiemann Remix)

Mount Kosciuszko this is not- an anthill is still too nice to this fimetic emetic. The noise stops briefly for a copypaste. It's less Josef Cukierman, & more Józef Cukier. & Schiemann's Kiełbasa was fresh when it was made for Kochanowski. Why couldn't they tell Dave they couldn't do this?