Morning Cocktail

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28 September 2009

Mix Act
Morning Cocktail (Original Mix) Jay Lumen
Morning Cocktail (L Kubic Remix) Jay Lumen

Get out the Funeral Sermon[1] & Prayer, this was Csaba's final OM.

Morning Cocktail (Original Mix)

Such a small, & old output, too. But he stays in the mind thanks to including a bit of effort in his work. Although MC was his least effortful, he was back in fighting shape two years later.
This drink is spiked: unpleasant & drab, Lumnitzer quit a thousandth-way through.

Morning Cocktail (L Kubic Remix)

Swatting the OM out of his face, 'L Kubic' similarly wastes our time, but better. The asperity is almost good enough for a listen. But forget all this.