Morning Drive

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A paragon.


16 October 2006

Mix Act BPM Key Duration
Morning Drive (Original Mix) Mike Shiver 138 E minor 8:03
Morning Drive (Probspot Remix) Mike Shiver 130 B minor 9:05

Mike Shiver's debut is thaumaturgical for all the right reasons.

Morning Drive (Original Mix)

Morning Drive is an early years paragon, with a duration of eight minutes, & a front & centre empyreal tune.
The tune is wonderfully set up, the climax is tuneful. It is a pity that this has only one remix.

Morning Drive (Probspot Remix)

Shiver's daedaly nearly unmatched, Probspot, aka Rikard 'Rico' Fredriksson, totally disconnects from the original mix. It is tenebrific, nine minutes long, more simplistic, alternative, slower, & thankfully, also an exemplar.
This EP is definitely a paragon of not just the early years, but also of music itself. Returning to this duration & the time given to the tune would be brilliant to see.

A shining example.