Morning Light / Orient Express

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8 May 2007

Mix Act BPM Key Duration
Morning Light (Original Mix) Nitrous Oxide 138 F# major[2] 8:01
Orient Express (Original Mix) Nitrous Oxide 138 G# minor 7:09

With this, the Pole dishes not just Worldwide material, but god material.

Morning Light (Original Mix)

I was apprehensive about reviewing[3] this EP, because that means listening to it again, & I can't cope with the delirium this waterboards me in.
I once watched the Sun rise bit by[4] bit in the Northern Territory. That antejentacular insolation was memorable, though nowhere near as soul-pulverising as this Saturnian hexagonal psychotica: more strikingly distinct[5] than the OMON uniform & more forceful than the OMON as well, this will blow your mind with the atrabiliousness, & scatter the dendrites & nuclei all over the walls, even if you're not near any.

Orient Express (Original Mix)

Why does N2O not have an Order Of the White Eagle yet? This song solitarily justifies it, though it may have killed with pleasure.
Innovating with the orthodox trance style, he exhibits his alien, superhuman capabilities, creatively, sensuously, dolourously, distinguishedly.
& this was just his second release.