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18 May 2010

Mix Act
Moth (Original Mix) Jaytech
Moth (Martin Roth Remix) Jaytech

Opening AD 02 was a worthy accolade.

Moth (Original Mix)

Grant's only OM is entirely thanks to Cayzer. Dissimilar to not only the rest of Cayzer's work, but also AD 02, Moth is a digression from anything trance, into full funk.
Swirling, twirling ufo sounds are a superluminous way to introduce us to not just Moth, but AD 02. Rippleless funk is then imbricated with twirls, & a passive, enticing piano. An agitative pattern stirs the mix, & returns as a fractalating orthophony. Felicific piano completes Jaytech's benediction. Thank Cayzer.

Moth (Martin Roth Remix)

Moth: (figuratively) Anything that gradually and silently eats, consumes, or wastes any other thing. See also, Roth, who remixed Moth with his undivestable negligence. The Isma-Ae of Anjunadeep should consider a moratorium on waking up.