Mount Everest

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17 August 2009

Mix Act BPM Key Duration
Mount Everest (Original Mix) Cold Blue 138 E major 8:53
Mount Everest (Dennis Sheperd Remix) Cold Blue 130 E major 6:32

One of these debuts is nectarious.

Mount Everest (Original Mix)

Cold Blue & his sui regni style was first shown here. His percussive, rapid, ophiomorphic songs are the acme of melodic trance, Mount Everest no exception. After he left Anjunabeats, he would have another personal style, more mechanised, fluid, & rock, but this peak of peaks exemplifies his earlier idiosyncrasies. This time, the colour scheme is more Everest than the song. It isn't his best, though it it worth hearing for the tsunami breakdown. The anguine tune is reminiscent of the upwards trek, which unlike Cold Blue, kills.

Mount Everest (Dennis Sheperd Remix)

But this is the mix in Vol 7 instead. This conversion is nothing more than a mild electronification. Nothing is substantially changed enough to call it a remix. This confusingly-named dullard never returned, further ensuring that nobody would ever remember how to exactly spell his name.