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14 September 2009

Mix Act BPM Key Duration
Mumbai (Original Mix) Dan Stone 138 C# major 7:17
Mumbai (Cressida Remix) Dan Stone 130 G# minor 7:48

It's less like Mumbai, & more like Bombay.

Mumbai (Original Mix)

Ending his three-year hiatus since Made In Bahrain, Stone again confirms that it's him better than any fingerprint scanner with ocean gray-painted abulia. Mumbai is nothing like the city; it's mundaneness at its ugliest. A busy city street might be the only acceptable place for this: it shouldn't be heard. Stone insulted 18 million people[1] with this encomium of periphrasis.

Mumbai (Cressida Remix)

Matthias Baumann's sole Anjuna outing is this; a pity, since he's talented. So talented, that he heard this bad excuse for a Human Centipede soundtrack, & made the best of it. How? By ignoring it, & reminiscing towards his remix of 6am by Kyau & Albert & giving diamondiferosity before our very eyes.
The tune intro begins with a callback to the wasteland, then soundly rejects it, replacing it with a tune more shocking than a wet fuse box. This eclecticism, turmoil, & hurt reflects nice Mumbai lovelier than the OM does. This is a real classic,[2] not that sulfuric, chloric egesta.