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Craig Connelly's remix of Empire is here.


18 January 2011

Mix Act BPM Key Duration
My Enemy (Original Mix) Super8 & Tab 134 F# minor 7:02
My Enemy (Club Mix) Super8 & Tab 137 F# minor 8:18
My Enemy (Rank 1 Remix) Super8 & Tab 131 F# minor 8:36

Of the 5.5 singles of Empire, this last one was second worst.

My Enemy (Original Mix)

Catchy vocals count for a lot. I'll never forget these, despite the Maskelynesque-backing.[1] Like Formula Rossa sped up, this is a falling synth, like a tumble down stairs. Repetition is the joy of music, they say, but this is just eating a rat, vomiting, eating that, ad nauseam, which does not exist for these Finns, or their multiple ghostwriters. Their true enemy is themselves.

My Enemy (Club Mix)

I'm just a simple country quantum physicist,[2] but putting make-up on a pig won't make it Miss America. The CM is just the jacked-up, faster OM with a pinch more forceful, though headless backing: just because it sounds like something's there, doesn't mean that there is.
Steroids may increase your muscle, but they'll shrink what really matters.

My Enemy (Rank 1 Remix)

Welcome & shove off to another copy of the OM with all noise & no reality.[3] The audacity to pull this pedocratic trick again devalues the 'a' like a cryptocurrency.

My Enemy (Movement Machina Remix)

In 2016, several new acts appeared on AB. Some wandered off again into the abyss, such as MM,[4] who, after hearing the conversions of a trance song into trance & trance decided to helpfully convert it into deep house. Another conversion- what we needed. Mr 2000 politely walked away after burning the door down, slipping on his hubris & decaying.
Five years for that.