My Personal Summer / Aguilas

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Dichotomous debut.


27 October 2008

Mix Act BPM Key Duration
My Personal Summer (Original Mix) PROFF 128 A minor 9:01
Aguilas (Original Mix) PROFF 128 A minor 8:43

The first Russian abacinates.

My Personal Summer (Original Mix)

Standing out in the fine compilation Volume 6 is difficult, but this septemfluity manages it superbly: an incessant catena of original, resplending melodies, all wrapped up in a volant halation, this includes canorous illuminings all around, from the vocals to the pads, & best of all, the violins, which are especially luculent. They fulminate incredibly in the final breakdown.
Songs such as this are apposite to visual finding puzzles, since the polytomy sprawls deliciously.

Aguilas (Original Mix)

Aguilas treads the same footsteps, though follows them off a cliff, though not the tallest one: MPS is aligerous, as opposed to this eagle. While it flies smoothly, being effluous, assuasive, concupiscent, & rorifluous, it has no fulguration. Though not bad, Aguilas lacks genuine voltage.