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This Hungarian duo released here once under that name: Not A Lot Left / The Beach, which was almost accurate in portaying them.
In 2009, Myon (Mario Egeto) contacted Aruna to work together on “Helpless,” after which they made songs that didn't "fit" into their own artist personas, so the trio formed Velvetine.
'Myon' is Swedish & German for 'muon', & Finnish for 'I sell', which is probably closer to the intended meaning.

Velvetine Discography
Designation EP Year
ANJ156 Safe (Wherever You Are) 2010
ANJ253 The Great Divide 2012
Elod Csaszar, Aruna Abrams, Mario Egeto.
Song Act Year
Just Listen OceanLab 2009
Vela Jaytech 2008
Alchemy Above & Beyond 2012
Seven Days & One Week Matt Cassar 2010
Fake Awake Andy Moor 2008
Peace Of Mind Above & Beyond 2015