Anjunabeats Worldwide 04 Sampler

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9 April 2012

Mix Act
Namaste ilan Bluestone
Andromeda Cramp
Orion Adam Kancerski


At the time I was doing cheesy music for other people because I was trying to survive and pay my bills. Maor heard one of my tracks was like ‘listen dude, this is really good’ and he sent it forward to A&R, the label, and the label called me straight away and asked me if I had any other material and in that moment in time I had zilch. I had nothing. And I sat in the studio for nearly ten days straight working my ass off trying to perfect one track called ‘Namaste’ which was my first track on Anjunabeats he says in 2017, despite his first track being On Our Own with Maor Levi. This was his first solo track, however.
नमस्ते, an anagram of Eastman, is indispensible for understanding AB's evolution. Even the heavyweight titan of distinguishability himself started out with this & Capetown before progressive house took over & drenched us in lava rain. Until then, there was his witty alternative percussing leading into his protoself.
iB is famous for his pseudotunes, as well as his holotunes. That saintful hyperinnovation started around here, & ML inspired as well. The simple jaunt, in the form of his electrotrash, bassier than the usual AB, is an experiment that paid off. Observe this Tiktaalik! Drink in the Archaeopteryx! Witness the boldness of the Homo erectus! The fish can walk now, the lizards can fly, & people are using tools. The beating gets more pianistic, grander, solemner, as the vocal cuts repeat transcessantly. Sadly, it now resembles 'Erdoğan', but that might not last much longer.
His deceptively empty pianos guide us to his misleading, upleading, & ozleading violin, the greatest instrument known to peoplekind. Triple-helixing, downbending, & backspiralling slowly, the violin would be used for a while longer. The horse-race beat adds a two-tonne straw to the camel's haystack, pushing the zeal even as it devours the blood. iB could push a violin to where none had been before! The acceleration, the exaltation, the deification is ripened & tetrated into an iron on your mind, an unimaginable searing. The climax is unimaginabler- first a sear, now an immolation, the drop is into new territory, a boiling, evaporating ocean of flesh. Rocking deeper & steeper, Namaste confronts itself repeatedly, opening squirmholes & filling them. Respect back to you.


Tarkhanov's goodbye tributed his home galaxy, while sealing his name in the annals. M31 did not reach the heights of Catch The Eye, nor the lefts of RU116, but at least it had echoes of something sad.
Sadness sans sunlessness? Pure sentiment is no virtue; although it's touching, this imprint is a footprint in sand in the seabed. He later returned to sainthood with (a couple of songs from) his next album, 2015's That's How We Roll.[1]


From iB's third, Ilnaz's last, to Adam Kancerski's only: the first ABW 04 sampler was historic. Ensifer's tune is defiant, iterative, & transtropical- sugar in bite-sized hits is still sweet, but even though this is no facsimile of Jannah, it is a wonderglowing facsimile of one.

  1. Ghost Town, Rain Fall, Dunton Green.