Near The End / Land Of The Free

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16 August 2010

Mix Act
Near The End (Original Mix) Mat Zo
Land Of The Free (Original Mix) Mat Zo

Seventh time's the charm, & for Zohar, all the others were too.

Near The End

Thankfully, he was not near the end of anything, his life or his talent, aka my life. Unthankfully, this was not made by him, as WW2 reveals. Thankfully, it was made by Secerkadic, aka Arnej, the best & brightest of the very darkest souls. So don't abandon all hope.
Arnej's last known appearance was Sex On The Beach. He built on his tragedic discography to spin us this, which begins with an outrageous, umbrageous alternation between darkness & antiphotons. Then a trance ditty plays. This 'dark uplifting trance' is just sand, washed into oblivion by the Orwellian smokefall that is the drop of NTE.
Get a liferaft & stay in a bunker, because this will smash you up. Emotionally, you'll burn, so remember:

  1. Safety first
  2. Don't risk it!

Once you have made peace with the world, you are ready for this drop.
Into the Sun we go! Magellan's first steps onto the ship, to his descent into the pot canot match this historic & cataclysmic charmolypi.[1] Arnej went off the rails & became a maglev, into space via Core. But he quickly relegates his baby to the background, & plays the tuplifting orgulousness with the taste of air over it. Still aurous.

Land Of The Free

So progressive it's futurogressive, LOTF is post-rapture, rapture & now as one exploration of humanity's failures. The soundtrack to future adaptations of The Trial, Nineteen Eighty-Four, & The Crucible can just use this over & over.
Darker than any black hole, this is only detectable through the traces of warped hope it bends around it. A singularity of despair, this anthem of wretchedness is darker than the Tonga Trench, & heavier too. Captain Nemoral sure had fun five billion leagues under the universe.

  1. sar-mo-lih-pee. Sweet or ‘joy-making’ sorrow; mourning joy; happiness and sadness intermingled