Need For Cognition

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Hawk has another release on Banzai. Released in 2015!


12 May 2005

Mix Artist Duration
Need For Cognition (Original Mix) Hawk 8:45
Need For Cognition (Planisphere Remix) Hawk 9:23

The second release on Anjunadeep is another reminder that colour schemes on Anjunabeats used to be spectacular. This EP is a vibrant, epicurean example of deep trance.
& 'Need For Cognition'? This is how you properly title a song.

Need For Cognition (Original Mix)

This is a homogeneous, iterative fen. It is entirely homogeneous. Even the tune has no variation throughout the song. This is homogeneity upon homogeneity, an accurate precis of the most unfortunate of the early years.

Need For Cognition (Planisphere Remix)

Planisphere, aka Airwave, [1] debuted with this, perfectly demonstrating Laurent Véronnez's empyreal, planispheric style: hypnotic, transcendental deep trance, long rambling hypnosis, & abyssal trance.
There is a fortitudinous, beauteous tune in the bridge, comprised of chordophones. It is totally unrelated to the OM. The psychedelic, tuneless climax strikes after.
This remix is an experience. This is transcendence. It's tuneless, though, so it's egesta.