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23 April 2012

Mix Act
Neon Feel (Original Mix) Suspect 44
Neon Feel (Answer42 Remix) Suspect 44

Neon Feel (Original Mix)

This troika still had to remix Labour Of Love, but this was Answer42's final salute, & Ershov would stay on to remix Fisher's Boundless Energy. The trio of the man & the trios would remain together at Intricate Records, where they could be even more retro. Here, they're lush.
The fastest six minutes in AD had to spike AD 04, but this roofie's a dud. A dud firework will still go off in your hand if you try to pick it up, but this powder is nought but finely ground brick. That indissoluble pulverulence laughs at us from the bottom of the punch bowl of life, a rocky testament to Suspect 44's suspect praxis. This did not deserve the glory of the milstone. ANJ050 was postponed for three years until a release worthy of that number could be released. But ANJDEE150 was given to this leak from a scrapheap. They knew what they were doing with ANJ100, The Collaborations. But here, they threw all caution to the wind, which blew it into a puddle of rancid meat juices. Go to your green waste bin. Now. Smell what's on the bottom. Now you have a good idea of what this feels like. Yes, feels. This is music, not just sound.
They abused their laudable style in this ode to scotoma, starting with their hard rock funk wobbling harder than any other bass on AD. 1:01 is a downright slam to the face with a fist. More punch comes from the nuclear climax, which is still the most Los Alamos Anjunadeep has ever been, outside of Solarity.
So far, everything I have described has sounded good. Everything I have described has been the style. Where the very usual suspects fail is the tune, or what they think is one. Perhaps they felt that the style alone would carry, it that it was exhilarating from only the instruments & their use. But the arenose dullness of what they think is a tune manages to strip away any spirit of festivity this could have had. Compare this descension with the ANJDEE149, which is also just a tune that starts in a place & then slopes down (among many other moving parts). Whereas even the thinnest slice of Gravity begets tears, this heart-castrated siren, also a 4-4-8, starts at a children's mollified, condescending bowdlerisation, and moves to an infantile, robotic arrogance that is somehow disconnected apathy, as a plug is disconnected from a wall. Thank you to this trio for nothing except for bravely proving that not all 4-4-8s are seraphic. Faradays the lot of you.

Neon Feel (Answer42 Remix)

The compilers' paralysing fear of remixes got the better of them. This trio's last wave goodbye is instantly better than the OM, but that means nothing. Anyone can sprinkle a pinch of dark notes between the spokes of the original, so they did. The end result is an unchanged monstrosity even a heroinist would gag on:[1] the chopping of the climax serves no purpose other than to set it apart stylistically from the OM, so they can say it's a remix; & the insignificant note change does to S44's incompetence what a match will do to Enceladus.

  1. no gag reflex, you see.