Never Gone

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There's more beauty in this cover than in any second of the music.


15 October 2007

Mix Act BPM Key Duration
Never Gone (Original Mix [[[Above & Beyond]] Respray]) Adam Nickey 136 C minor 9:09
Never Gone (David Forbes Remix) Adam Nickey 135 G minor 8:20
Never Gone (Sequentia Remix) Adam Nickey 140 C minor 8:27

Above & Beyond, David Forbes, & Sequentia came so close to breaking the largest ever output/effort ratio Anjunabeats record set by Good For Me. Adam Nickey is to thank for all of this.
This EP is so horrid, that the name is threatening. The solitary good quality it the cover. Look at that! Fluorescent purple-blue, leaping off the boundaries. That's the solitary way that this EP can ever remind me of good music.

Never Gone (Original Mix [Above & Beyond Respray])

Sure, they're so lazy, they would starve to death on a full stomach, the same way as their namesake. Though if Nickey had bothered to make a tolerable song, the remixes wouldn't have been so unbearable:
A & B were so proud of their complete lack of effort, they vomited this on Volume 5. To add to that Matisse, their 'Respray' is included in Winter Collection 01. I wouldn't be surprised if their collective effort totaled spraying a turntable with perfume.
This must be the OM, since there's nothing contradicting that.
No matter what they did, it resulted in the most vapid, languorous form of noise.

Never Gone (David Forbes Remix)

An hour of infrasound is preferable to this EP, & more stimulating.
Nickey's debut is mildly representative of the rest of his Anjunabeats tenure, being prosaic.
This mix is invariant to the first.

Never Gone (Sequentia Remix)

Every mix in this EP is identical. Avoid Never Gone.