New Dawn

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12 March 2012

Mix Act
New Dawn (Original Mix) Oliver Smith
New Dawn (Sunny Lax Remix) Oliver Smith

New Dawn (Original Mix)

After the dizzying heights of Chordplay, Smith suffered some main damage, stabbing us in the face with Butterfly Effect, Symmetry, & then this. Again, he wasted breathy, vivial smashtrash on the musical version of 'Salo 2: Eat Harder'. It wouldn't make the cut for elevator music! Centrelink wouldn't even use this for their fifteen-hour waits; it would be beneath their dignity. Too offensive & tasteless for Selzburg, this was deemed acceptable for Vol 9. It is not.

New Dawn (Sunny Lax Remix)

It seems that the Hungarian, to his credit, tried! Sadly, he was kidnapped or something before he could get to step 2, the tune. I wonder what happened.
However, ND is miry. Just like the reference he gets no points for.