New Vibe / Echo

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Horribile dictu.


29 August 2011

Mix Act
New Vibe (Original Mix) Jaytech
Echo (Original Mix) Jaytech

New Vibe

Cayzer's antepenultimate AD release was a sample of his new sound, richer, fuller, bigger. This wastes space on Multiverse, his second album, & Vol 9, which shows his transition. NV has some hallmarks of greatness, such as a gripping & squeezing afterplay, & breakouts into dark slopes, but it's all for nought: this vibe is only for show, not for touching or taking. Mild peeks at a deeper side were unusual for him.
There are so many moving parts that one of them had to pleasure the ear, but he must have been off that minute he made it in.

New Vibe (Album Mix)

The exact same, but shorter, & now with a grungier effect that does nothing.


Beefy Solarity without the talent reared & fell over in Echo, aka 'Solero' for a new generation. The brief look at an antitune skated right into electrotrash that would have great if it weren't the climax. The jungly saws are too good for this bovine & ovine style over sustenance. Jaytech? More like paycheck.