Nimbus / Tomahawk

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2 July 2007

Mix Act BPM Key Duration
Nimbus (Original Mix) Oliver Smith 138 F# major 7:17
Tomahawk (Original Mix) Oliver Smith 136 F# minor 8:28

This splendorous two-tracker heralded his extensive solo catalogue. However, it isn't nearly as good as that.

Nimbus (Original Mix)

The best of the two lugubriously climaxes for an pleasingly oddly long time for songs of this era. There's no devil-approved husk of tuneless trash in the centre. Nimbus lives up to it's name, since a nimbus may be considered distinct from a halo. The term halo can refer to an open ring of light or of gold behind the head of a saint, while nimbus refers to a solid disk of light or gold, which accurately explicates the nice, though second-rate nature of this EP.

Tomahawk (Original Mix)

The pattering of gray rain clouds dwarfs this abjection. This most worthless of extemporanea sounds as though he made it in ten minutes in his sleep after a week of deprivation, while being serenaded by the screams of donkeys. This chilled sweat tastes heavy in urea. Thankfully, it isn't difficult to avoid this.