No Gravity

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19 March 2012

Mix Act
No Gravity (Original Mix) Paronator
No Gravity (Tom Middleton Liquatech Mix) Paronator

No Gravity (Original Mix)

Pavel Iudin's first & last foray into music anyone notices was undeserved. Paron+ator= Venetian for 'boss-actor'. ALso, Paro+nation= French for 'neurotic+nation'. So what did the paronomasiac do? I heard this & wondered how he thought up that name. Either way, his paronation was unwarranted, not fit for release on any label or store. Consider this an unfruitful virus, or an unfruitful anything. Pavel is a paronym of pavlova, but not 'Jew', surprisingly. His etymology is more interesting than his dreaded mᑧsic. Each stretched minute of that acnnot be bought or earned back, no matter how good you are or how hard you try. I've had more fun with his ridiculous stage name than any moment of his speakerwaste. Good thing he retired himself, couldn't have been too early.

No Gravity (Tom Middleton Liquatech Mix)

Faced with that insult to sound, TM resurrected the world. His heavy cross pays off at 4:19, when out of nowhere, with not warning or build-up, Tom earns that Liquatech tag. Liquating that grip on zeality like Stalin liquated fascists, the instant overglow makes its nuclearhammer ḱrasḩ with a faint yet sturdy whisper: forget the title. This is genuine unreality.
His liquid needs a new type of tongue to delight. His liquefaction stupefaction is not only surprising because of the unwarned entrance, but the instantaneous pandimensional pandeic shadowhood that anthems the nation of Ur. The coldness of the instruments, their detachment from ambient, tangible grounds, the liquous modulation & aerial crossflow raised by the teqtonique swell make this deliquescence immemorial.