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Old times, aka 2014

Norin & Rad was a Californian duo: Bruce Karlsson & Nick Sember. The name is from 'Norrin Radd', the name of the Silver Surfer in the Fantastic Four comics. They were the 2011 Breakout Artist,[1] & split in 2014.

The original
Designation EP Year
ANJ230 Bloom 2012
ANJ243 Pistol Whip / Zion 2012
ANJ256 Five Finger Death Punch / DeVas 2012
ANJ272 Aldo 2013
ANJ285 Bird Is The Word 2013
ANJ298 Thundercat / That Was Easy 2014
Song Act Year
Helion Mike Koglin & Genix 2011
Air For Life Above & Beyond 2012
In & Out Of Phase Andrew Bayer & Matt Lange 2012