Northern Lights

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25 June 2005

Mix Act Key BPM Duration
Northern Lights (Original Mix) Smith & Pledger F# minor 138 7:41
Northern Lights (Phil Johnston vs. Aspekt Remix) Smith & Pledger F# minor 128 8:03

Smith & Pledger's sixth release was the first release on Anjunabeats to be named after aurora.

Northern Lights (Original Mix)

This is filled with variegated ascensions. They immensely elevate the emotion, which is fortunate because the tune this time is not seraphic.
Out of a psychedelic brume writhes an exhilarative dolour that comes to pulse with the ascensions. After the tune drops out, the ascensions persist, & all silences for another climax. More, electrotrash plays instead.
It's more asperous, & darker than before. A few seconds of warning are given before another mediate cataract of dolour.
The second half of this climax is thankfully overlaid with the brume, making this lowest-grade[1] cherubic.
The brume is the only integrant worthy of attention. Although it's tremendous for listening to, there isn't enough brume to make this optimal, & thus buying.
This is the oldest song in 10 Years Of Anjunabeats. Thankfully, it has a couple of remixes.

Northern Lights (Phil Johnston vs. Aspekt Remix)

I can't find anything else by Johnston, except a video game credit for some trash. Otherwise there's nothing.
Halfway through, & after minutes of trash, they display the ascensions solitarily, with a regular background haunting effect in tune, magnifying the emotion, though nothing original. As in it's taken from the OM. Not the effect, but the tune.
Then the climax hits, & it's a quick Formula Rossa-structured trash declension that ends up in more trash. Do not buy this mix.

Northern Lights (Breakfast Remix)

The diamantiferous Casey broke the mold of both S & P & 10 Years Of Anjunabeats by actually producing something sensational. Pedentously fulgurant, this takes the anodyne original & reshapes it into exundating inebriety, a result of spending some time on the OM, which S & P could have done.