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20 October 2008

Mix Act BPM Key Duration
Not A Lot Left (Original Mix) Myon & Shane 54 132 C major 8:19
The Beach (Original Mix) Myon & Shane 54 128 C# minor 7:44

The sole release under this name & first of three from M&S54, this captured not much of their true capabilities.

Not A Lot Left (Original Mix)

There was plenty of room in Volume 6 for another frivolence. But wait, this one's audacious: the "eclectic vocal sample"[1] at 1:49 & 4:22 is a man saying "You take the majority of dance songs, & strip away the dance beat, there's not a lot left". He may be a philistine, but I know that he is almost correct. If you take the majority of dance songs, & strip away the dance beat, 60% of the time, there's nothing left. 95% of what is left is excrement.
I know this because I spent a month listening to the entire history of >100 record labels on Beatport, thinking it would take me years. Ultimately, it gave me clarity about the paucity of good music.
The synopsis brags about "fully-paid-up member of the Anjuna old guard, Shane 54", who made exactly one contribution, & it was lackadaisical at best. & he's back indeed, ostensibly because this is just as prosaic.
The tune of this revolutionary song is a complanate platitude. Flatter than the Maldives is a bad performance for a song even when not specifically meant to be an exemplar.
The whole tragedy drones on. The bombilation is specific to hymenopterans, & feels worse than a sting from them.
Then it just ends at 6:19 when there's still two minutes to fill. So they gathered their empty bags of sawdust & shook out some particles. It's astounding what happens: nothing. All tune & vivacity are dead. It logically should end at 7:17 at the latest. But it keeps going. It's unendurable.

The Beach (Original Mix)

The synopses they provide are always baffling excreta: Over on the flip, & not for the first time, Anjuna is chilling on 'The Beach'. Not a cover of the 8 Wonders track (before you ask!)
No. Nobody asked. Nobody ever asked. & this is similarly unwantable: again, this is exceedingly planar. No song should ever be.