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27 August 2007

Mix Act BPM Key Duration
Oceanic (Original Mix) Tranquility Base 138 F# minor 6:15
Oceanic (Super8 & Tab Remix) Tranquility Base 125 G# minor 7:31
Oceanic (Sean Tyas Remix) Tranquility Base 136 F# minor 8:35
Oceanic (Satoshi Fumi's Undulation Remix) Tranquility Base 140 F# minor 8:16
Oceanic (Satoshi Fumi's Thousand Spring [sic] Remix) Tranquility Base 125 A major 7:43

Tranquility Base's penultimate release is not appositely named.

Oceanic (Original Mix)

Despite the inclusion in Classics 01, this is the continuation of the forgettable tripe that is Getting Away. They paid for their sins exquisitely with their final release, Buzz.
This is uplifting, merry, cheery music at it's most tolerable. Unfortunately, it is still not tolerable. This asthenic excreta will be forgotten immediately.

Oceanic (Super8 & Tab Remix)

Super8 & Tab have copied their masters in this copy & paste job. Acolytes of the criminals are still criminals.
This is excruciating.

Oceanic (Sean Tyas Remix)

Of course we needed Sean Tyas to come over here! Why not! Why shouldn't we accept this sack of rancidness! His debut is excrement.

Oceanic (Satoshi Fumi's Undulation Remix)

This abomination is entirely dreck. There is no tune at all, except for a few seconds of the OM lowered, near the end. It helps not.

Oceanic (Satoshi Fumi's Thousand Spring Remix)

This is the closest that this EP ever gets to the Sun. This psychedelic lowering is tolerable, dolorous, & a substantial alteration. However, this is completely qualitatively insubstantial.