On A Good Day (Metropolis)

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Halloween chills.


31 October 2010

Mix Act BPM Duration
On A Good Day (Metropolis) Above & Beyond & Gareth Emery 134 7:53
On A Good Day (Metropolis) (J Majik & Wickaman Remix) Above & Beyond & Gareth Emery 87 5:21

Mashups can be great, but they are not as good as original material.

On A Good Day (Metropolis)

This is Emery's Metropolis[1] with the OAGD vocals overlaid. That's all it is.
Is it worth it nonetheless? No. Although Metropolis' retro electro is indelible, we already have OAGD. & anyway, JM & W repurposed everything much better, not just copy & paste.

On A Good Day (Metropolis) (Music Video)

I don't know if A & B know that ads in a music video are quite painful, & not a welcome or smart 'calling card'. They almost ruin Alchemy, & here seem out-of-place, truly the worst thing that shilling can be. The rest of this video is happy people turning a barren lot into a house with a garden, painting, drilling, & smiling all the way through, building regulations & all. Although this is a distinct graduation in their music videos, since it has a plot, it is one that the goat could have come up with.

On A Good Day (Metropolis) (J Majik & Wickaman Remix)

This dnb delirifacience is one of the injections of "alternative" styles into this trance label. More importantly, it's a flexure in every way, from the style, to the vocals' torsion, to the tune's contorsion & mental distortion. Their retortion of mere coupling is a Newmont Boddington funnel web into the soul, leading to electrogravitics on the other side. Their grapes of psychonautica turn purpler with every passing nanosecond. Sweet dew, that's fluid.

  1. Garuda 2009