On My Way To Heaven

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My way is the rai way. Colossal, & worth it.


25 June 2012

Mix Act
On My Way To Heaven (Original Mix) Above & Beyond
On My Way To Heaven (Club Mix) Above & Beyond
On My Way To Heaven (Seven Lions Remix) Above & Beyond

On My Way To Heaven (Original Mix)

One of the very few songs that I know more than a word of, & it isn't even a protest anthem[1]. This is not about getting old & dying, but more about the heaven we can see & imbibe. The tune makes that very clear when we teleport to heaven ab initio: at 0:00, no journey, no time spent like a stolen credit card, not a second is spared for preparing us for this intro that strips the first four words away.
The lyrics[2] work well about exploitation, with an expendable, unlimited populace forced to accept a state that is always right. All this against a violin, the sphericest instrument, though vocals match. There is no such wait for the viol spasm, no prelibation, no pregustation, no set-up for the grand opening of heaven's gate. The compass had barely been set heavenward when we already arrived. Now to explore, & conquer. Their way is the snare way. Their way is The Sky way. Like the clouds sending out a few wisps before the arenaceous vastation, the monotone sculls rippling in the dead-air doldrums are from our Ur-DNA, leading up to RB's pinnacular vocal supremity. Whenever you see a "Dub Mix", remember this song, and Phoenix From The Flames. His every word hangs from a web we cannot see, especially since the lyrics mean something, unlike most (A&B) songs. The climax is not just a boosted version of the pretext, as in most music, but all-new vocal expeditions and appetitions, diving into uncharted oceans & their unmapped basins, meeting the odd animals, & serving them up on a plate of auroplatinum.[3] The title is not pretentious, though. The early switches, just before the next bar, up into smooth madness, reddening and violeting, break into a new ultrasanity. Thank you for life, A & B.

On My Way To Heaven (Club Mix)

This is not the most different CM. But it is warranted more than Liao Yiwu, since the hard knife grime of the electrognash permeates the air of this titanic lash. Your lungs cannot escape it: this is more than an intercalary electrospasm. This is a new line, a new gate, an unexplored part of heaven. It is strange to hear Richard among mech, but they way it floats separate to and yet within the tune is even stranger. The climax is not the thick. Nevertheless, this addition dose better than conforming with the tune, this is superformation. This is not mere mechanisation. This is superformity, a rare way to remind us that heaven can always improve.
& improve transstellarly.

On My Way To Heaven (Music Video)[4]

The EM replaces the intro mix with the standard beatfare we saw after the violic rollick. A bad move, so stay away. Anyway, the MV uses the CM, as usual. Although neither this video nor Genius.com explain what a "sting" is, this video is different enough to be interesting. The shots during the climax should be faster, though, especially in the harshland. Tempestuous beings frolic with Romanesques and Georgianites, while SB stars:
"Someone told me recently that the lyrics to 'On My Way to Heaven' sound like a Shakespearean soliloquy set to music," Tony McGuinness, one-third of the group, tells Rolling Stone. "It's a wonderful thought, and very flattering. So the idea of casting a well-known Shakespearean actor in the video to realize that idea was just too tempting. My first choice was Steven Berkoff – he does unhinged better than anyone – and incredibly, he said yes. It's a nightmare come true."

On My Way To Heaven (Seven Lions Remix)

JM, as always, reaffirms the essence of the thrill: Urity, not purity. As usual, the OM tune disappears for a new trek into depraved sadness. This one has hollow bells topping off a long, circling ekklesiastikal imploration that leads to a non-mellow, dramatic climax, starting with the epik, unforgettable four-slice gear that cuts us into the tear territory, desubtling & fireworking overtime to build a new world. This time, his money shotshells are even punchier, hitting in places you didn't know you want to bleed from.

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