On The Edge

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ANJ002 verbatim et litteram et puctatim.


27 November 2006

Mix Act BPM Key Duration
On The Edge (Original Mix) Mark Pledger 136 A minor 8:27
On The Edge (Mike Shiver's Catching Sun Remix) Mark Pledger 136 E minor 9:00

On The Edge (Original Mix)

Never listen to this. Pledger's solitary unaided release on Anjunabeats is asperously inferior to his collaborations.
Does this sound familiar? It should. It's Release by Free State, aka the second release on Anjunabeats. The chirality is insulting.
How is this Worldwide, let alone Anjunabeats material? What are the standards? This sends a clear message: anything goes. Even plagiarism. Good riddance to bad plagiarists.

On The Edge (Mike Shiver's Catching Sun Remix)

Wiklund's talent, acoustic guitar, & violin cannot save this. Despite altering it slightly in the latter half of the climax, it cannot rescue this from mediocrity. & despite the duration, the climax is minuscule.