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3 September 2007

Mix Act BPM Key Duration
One Wish (Original Mix) Evbointh 136 D# major 7:19
One Wish (Daniel Kandi & Remix) Evbointh 138 D# major 7:23
One Wish (Daniel Kandi & Mark Andrez Remix) Evbointh 138 D# major 8:22

You aren't seeing double. Nor are you hearing double if this is being read aloud to you.

One Wish (Original Mix)

Evbointh's solitary appearance on Anjunabeats, or anywhere really, was commemorated in Volume 5, which is fortunate. This 2008[1] interview explicates[2] everything.
Evbointh's interview includes:

  • This Polak, Krzysztof Michalak, was inspired by ATB & Above & Beyond.
  • I think about Jaytech, Wippenberg, Boom Jinx, Ozgur Can or David West. I love their tracks for the innovation, individuality & characteristic style, & incredible sound. Their tracks are technically perfect (in my opinion) & this is most important for me currently.
  • He cites Michael Cassette's Shadows Movement as a favourite track.

One Wish has it all: a deathly synth, a transmundane backing synth, & seraphic pads. At one point, he even takes it out of sync! The tragedy of his music career termination in 2010 galls me to the ends of the universe & beyond, where his synths are from.
This riff arose from a virtuosic improvisation he says. 'Virtuosic' is correct. Evbointh needs to come out of retirement.

One Wish (Daniel Kandi Remix)

This hyper-lazy vandalism is the most shameless copy & paste job ever.


One Wish (Daniel Kandi & Mark Andrez Remix)

Several more remixes should have been commissioned, since this worthless copy is just as turpitudinous.