Orient Sun / There's Always A Road

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Just when he got good.


12 April 2010

Mix Act
Orient Sun (Original Mix) Cold Blue
There's Always A Road (Original Mix) Cold Blue

Cold Blue's swan songs were smoother than swansdown.

Orient Sun (Original Mix)

He left the swannery with a swan dive: OS is the Cold Bluescreen of Death. The sunset of his career is the Cold Blue eschatology we never needed. This merdivorous guinea worm is another of his empty spaces of sound. Schuh's pentadic might was dealt another blow from this Sisyphean nightmare. Less of an orange, pink & purple sunset, more of a thick haze of smog. This all could have been avoided, especially since Schuh didn't even have anything to do with this: WW2 again reveals that the true[1] author is 'Andreas Ove Waldemar Lindell'. If you're going to be fake, at least be a good fake.

There's Always A Road (Original Mix)

Tobias saved his best for last. Its familiar structure doesn't sanitise the entheogenic properties; TAAR is the road itself, out of this draining, compromanic compound, & back into the streaming, gleaming light from above.
There's always a road. But is it too high, long, or dangerous to travel on? Cold Blue feared not when he boldly went where very few had gone.
This is the aurorean incalescence! It's already his best honour with the simple 1-2-3-4 chassis, & the swooping adornments that went along on top of that, such as a faraway call, & the decorated way it's played out. But it gets memorable when the more elaborate melody breaks out, glaciating the wonder down deep, & giving a propitious postlude. RIP, Cold Blue.