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21 February 2006

Mix Act Duration
P.U.M.A. (Original Mix) Sunny Lax 9:53
Cassiopeia (Original Mix) Sunny Lax 7:41

This is the debut of the great Hungarian stalwart Sunny Lax.

P.U.M.A. (Original Mix)

From his Wikipedia[1] page:
Music had been a major part of Levente's life, & at the age of 13 he started producing music of his own. Initially the music was only for his listening, but it was always a goal to go public & produce music for a wider audience. He began to compete in various remix competitions in his native Hungary, performing well & boosting his self-esteem. This encouraged Levente to send one of his productions, P.U.M.A., to several music labels, & much to his delight Anjunabeats agreed to take it on. Above & Beyond played it on their radio show Trance Around the World consistently, & Anjunabeats moved quickly to sign Márton up to their label.
In his Muzikxpress interview[2], SL said when he was a law student, he sent the song (on burnt CDs) to about ten labels. The name is from the sports brand Puma. He loves classical music & cats.
Marking the beginning of his dot point affinity, it takes more than four minutes to get to the glory of P.U.M.A., though it is well worth it: this uses vastative synth in an innovative, artful tune. It is fortunate that it has two remixes.

P.U.M.A. (Mat Zo Remix)

One of the few numinal blessings from 10 Years Of Anjunabeats & the best one, each & every nanosecond of this is phenomenal.
Following Sunny Lax, Mat Zo innovates. This puma volitates because he added captivating piano to the song, a genreless, tremendous panegyric. Added vocal cuts & original synth stellified P.U.M.A.

P.U.M.A. (Nawarro Remix)

A bonus track on Sunny Lax's 2010 collaboration with Solex 'Out Of This World', this excrement is Nawarro ostensibly trying to repay Sunny for remixing him, & accidentally vituperating him. Avoid this.

Cassiopeia (Original Mix)

Named for either the proud wife of Cepheus[3] & mother of Andromeda, queen of Eritrea or a circumpolar constellation of the northern sky representing Queen Cassiopeia from Greek myth, this is inferior to the A-side, though not by much at all. Keeping the same charm & creativity, this has a main theme that does not excite, & is flanked by actual praiseworthy things, such as an electronic effect, & a psychedelic flourish. Not anything worth hearing, though.