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1 August 2011

Mix Act Duration
Pangaea (Original Mix) Michael Cassette 6:58
Pangaea (Envotion Remix) Michael Cassette 7:41

Pangaea (Original Mix)

This desponding warmarch was their last AB release except Komytea songs & remixes. Their usual blend of percussive simplicity, melodic innateness, & anodyne synth is particularly unctuous here. Even their worst songs have something to make you think, if not take away. This one is their average: catchy earwyrm, all the parts play their role, from the vocal ruffling to the under riff; listening is fine, but feeling is another deal.

Pangaea (Envotion Remix)

True to their French name, they repurposed the vocal slivers for the kick to the new synth roar, severe anodynia doing justice to the name. Transsupercontinental storms wreck in this apheliotrope.