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24 November 2008

Mix Act BPM Key Duration
Paper Jet (Original Mix) Paul Keeley 127 A# minor 8:16
Paper Jet (Bart van Wissen Remix) Paul Keeley 127 F minor 8:15

This was a shoo-in as not only a piece of Volume 6, but its opener.

Paper Jet (Original Mix)

This quinquepartite vastitude was the first to exalt him: ad capite a calcem, every tiny piece extols the sum of Keeley's parts: zenithal melodies burst in the most lotic masterpiece.
Tune #1 is the zoetropic panpiping, the first of many unique edges of PJ. It acclinates rapidly, & gets its own apexes along the way, adding rocket fuel to the fire of Tune #2, a bear-poking assemblage of fluid emotion, & the main attraction. Tune #3 is the underlying bassline, locomoting between different shades of black. Tune #4 is a one-piece synth, & the godliest flow. & all of this in the first two minutes.
Tune #5 is a lower version of #2, sombrely yanging the already sunless yin.
This chiaroscurale then gets smacked with Tune #6, a frolicksome roller, haphazardly to & froing yet landing on all the right notes. But nothing prepares you for Tune #7, a Melpomenean mellifluity, the cries of angels, from dominions to thrones. Praise Keeley on high.

Paper Jet (Bart van Wissen Remix)

Mr Erase-Knowledge added an gravitoelectrofunk bassline after removing nothing. Van Wissen thrills nonetheless, halating & elevating the sadly backgrounded Tune #4, making this a unique case of laziness that is incidentally worthwhile.

Paper Jet (Bart Claessen Remix)

Another day, another Dutchman, another Bartholomew. Clässen's other Big Room mix didn't go well, but this 2010 theurgy is a proper remix & Vol 7 heaven.
Even more progressive, excentric & postmodern than usual for the eclecticist Anjunabeats, this sets the tone immediately: faster, tribalist, fellifluous. He quickly cuts to the tune.
The centrepiece is the OM's Tune #2, but drastically reshaped & sweetened. By its side is the bassline, Tune #4, & all are drenched in Tune# 7. The newest innovation is the black rose ferried by a new, pumped bassline. The third climax is preluded by a sugary rendition of Tune #2, then we get the atramentalest Paper Jet. It's always numinal when an impossibly great song gets proper remixes.