Paradox / Djembe

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One minute is all we get.


11 April 2011

Mix Act
Paradox (Original Mix) Jaytech
Djembe (Original Mix) Jaytech

To start his second-last AD year, Cayzer ripped the hippodrome.


Until we get to the tune, all that happens before is Jaytech seizing his personal, identifiable style. All that happens after the half-minute is a nonluminous hemitune. & between 3:29 & 4:00? A fulgor to dull the Sun.
This tune is simple, & would outshine a quantum bomb. The space between the notes is wider than the Boötes. The notes themselves plunge & plumb the abyssalpelagic, a pressure that crushes not just bodies but souls. Paradox would break any sphygmomanometer. Be ready to clean up glass from this eternal heart-Iraq.
If you loved this, be sure to hear it again, overlaid on Stranger, released the next year.


Similarly, this iracund legerdemain has a high waste-to-tune ratio. Worth the wait, Jaytech overcast Anjunadeep with his slick electrofunk squeeze 4:47 to 5:17. Dark progressive electronika suited him & AD 03 well. There are no djembes (drums) in this, but there is half a minute of pyrolysis mixed with hydrolysis.