Part-Time Hero / Anti-Hero

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A better word would be villain.


25 May 2010

Mix Act
Part-Time Hero (Original Mix) Solarity
Anti-Hero (Original Mix) Solarity

Solarity's too-brief quadrennial was quashed by Dusky's album.

Part-Time Hero

Emphasis on the 'part-time'. 4:03 to 5:05 is the meager window into what we could have, a mucopurulent trend in not just Solarity, but in Anjunadeep as well. This sickening idea came from caprids who thought that they were inventive, instead of matriphagous. "Let's listen to some velleity, rather than music!" the cries came. Sadly, they obeyed the voices in their dyschezic heads, & we got this.
What is the fifth minute? Salvifically, PTH is the furthest noctivagation down a soul. The base tune is nectariferous enough when pure delirifacience slides right in. This minute is mind-slivering enough to warrant buying the full thing, though not listening to the whole.

Anti-Hero (Original Mix)

Did you want a whole eight minutes of just the dacryohemorrhea, with no tune? No. Here it is.