Phantazmz / Optimistick

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22 March 2004


Song Act Duration
Phantazmz (Original Mix) Stephen J Kroos 8:38
Optimistick (Original Mix) Stephen J Kroos 9:59

Stephen J Kroos's debut was partially included in his album Tecktonick three years later, a vacuous decision.

Phantazmz (Original Mix)

This represents most of Kroos' disography: stolid muck with not tune, just noise. Experimentation is vital, & some of his work is seraphic, but most is horrid.

Optimistick (Original Mix)

This ten minute experiment did not make the album, which is piteous since it is much better than Phantazmz. Although it is still not seraphic, it is easier on the ears, & the soul: this is a genuine attempt at a song, rather than filler. It nonetheless falls short of Anjuna material.
His return two years later was much better, somehow.