Phoenix From The Flames

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6 November 2011

Mix Act Duration
Phoenix From The Flames (Original Mix) Boom Jinx Unknown
Phoenix From The Flames (Club Mix) Boom Jinx 8:44
Phoenix From The Flames (Omnia & The Blizzard Remix) Boom Jinx 7:43
Phoenix From The Flames (Maor Levi Remix) Boom Jinx 7:51
Phoenix From The Flames (Michael Cassette Remix) Boom Jinx 6:43

Phoenix From The Flames (Original Mix)

Welcome to the biggest mystery of Anjunabeats history. Sit tight & steel yourself for this haunting tale: although we have four remixes, the OM is nowhere to be heard, not on beatport, soundcloud, youtube, anywhere! The ghost ship must have existed, but it sailed off into space because this is not even on his album, No Answers In Luck. NAIL is why this was released so early, because someone thought it was finished, but it had to be worked on. For four more years. Nevertheless, this is here for the world to see, & for us to speculate on.
We know what it sounds like, at least. Four remixes leaves little to imagine.
It was left off NAIL because the lyrics are too similar too Coming Home.

Phoenix From The Flames (Club Mix)

The entertaining bass expansions & playcraft mold well with the secular tune in ways unknown to ancient alien civilisations. Because the OM was probably chillout, this is his time to full throttle. But when normal artists would make the standard blare & call it a day, Eide subverted it to swell up in an undefinable deep synth that relates his historical history with Andrew Bayer, & strides to make a new chapter in our annals, when that climax lightspeeds higher & higher, the vocals taking their etherealness again. Asking the right questions, BJ furthered himself. If only we knew how much by.

Phoenix From The Flames (Omnia & The Blizzard Remix)

This is probably the only remix to transpaste the OM in: the whole section around 3:23 is probably the OM unchanged. This group didn't slack, however: their route had less risk, but they made it through all right. There are no complaints about this piano-tingled encomium. They stole a Monet & made it a Malevich.[1]

Phoenix From The Flames (Maor Levi Remix)

The snappy, curvy intro cannot prepare us for this epic epicurean metallodrug. Climbing that cliff to Sodom tantalises & rockets up the tension for this metallic Yucatan: the only remix that changed the tune much is the most oneirist, epicurean nightmares to taste & cherish.


Phoenix From The Flames (Michael Cassette Remix)

From tachyons to tardyons, this remix is a slow castration of the OM, but there's no waking up from this injection. Tranquilisers & xanax are for that which is not music, not cheap house or its better, deep house.